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About PBK

Premier Bath and Kitchen (PBK), a Division of PACE Supply, and has been an industry staple for 19+ years; bringing you an unparalleled kitchen and bath showroom experience. PBK is an employee-owned company, where everyone is treated as a person and not a number. PBK offers some of the world’s finest brands of plumbing, lighting, appliances, and even door hardware for any type of project and budget. Our live displays are equipped with the latest in luxury designs and brands, smart appliances, pristine lighting options, fixtures, and more! Our dedication to exceeding expectations is what provides builders, homeowners, contractors, designers, and plumbers with confidence in every project. Visit our showrooms in Santa Rosa, Rancho Cordova, Walnut Creek, and Maui to make your personal vision a reality.

“We work for you; We will educate you on the products available to help you make informed decisions and simplify the process.”
Premier Bath and Kitchen


To create opportunity for the welfare and success of our employee owners by being the highest performing partner to our customers.

Core Values

  • Accountability

    We are responsible for our actions, behavior, performance and decisions.

  • Strong Work Ethic

    We are dedicated to diligently contributing to the success of our customers and our company through difficulty and adversity.

  • Passion

    We are enthusiastically driven to pursue excellence and committed to advance the goals of PACE Supply.

  • Integrity

    We operate with moral and ethical principles all of the time.

  • Respect

    We treat all people with dignity and value in all interactions both inside and outside of PACE Supply.

  • Employee Focused

    All of us, as owners of PACE Supply, are committed to and united in providing for the success and welfare of our Employees.