Julien Smartstation: Functional in Every Way

JulienThe sink is built from commercial quality 16 gauge stainless steel and features an attractive combination of our two most popular collections radii : the ver­tical square corners [0°] of our UrbanEdge collection and the slightly rounded corners [7mm] of our J7 collection for bottom front and back folds.  The SmartStation sink has a ½’’ accessory ledge on front and back of the bowl that can accommo­date any standard 17’’ Home Refinements accessory.

As the sink is intended to be undermounted, any 18’’ Home Refinements accessories can be used directly on the countertop.  Overall, a choice of about 30 accessories can slide from side to side of the bowl on the two levels, which can really ease food preparation and cleaning.  The sink comes with a bottom grid, a colander, a cutting board and a drying rack included.   People can also choose their favorite wood essence for the accessories’ handles as we offer them in maple and walnut.


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