Franke – The Chef Center and Pescara

A space where it all comes together

The Chef Center gives you the power of a beautifully designed sink system. Cooks – professionals and amateurs alike – need seamlessly flowing workspaces. The Chef Center allows you to transition easily and instantaneously from prep to rinse to clean to compost, all with ergonomic efficiency and style. With Franke’s integrated sink ledge and integrated bins for storage and compost, the Chef Center makes fun and functionality go hand-in-hand. And everything is right at hand: a glass cutting board, removable compost bin, roller mat, drain board, colander, and a sink grid that rests on the sink ledge to raise your work surface or sits on the bottom of the sink to protect it from scratches.


Artisanal Craftsmanship

Inspired by the simplicity and style of Italian seaside resorts, the Pescara Collection delivers true flexibility and flow: Sink spaces become more expansive, water becomes more useful, and kitchens become more wonderful. Pescara faucets feature a level of functionality and performance that maximizes usability for the home chef or kitchen connoisseur. The clean design and detailed craftsmanship make Franke’s Pescara faucet line ideal for those who savor simplicity. The essential lines and generous dimensions of the Pescara sinks create a refined oasis and luxurious atmosphere for the ultimate livable kitchen while a complete selection of unique, custom accessories maximizes the efficiency of each sink.