Dual-flush Plates For Sigma Series In-wall Toilet Systems

A simple classic

Sigma21 flush plates are based on the look of our popular Sigma20 Series, with upgraded finishes and options. A straightforward visual metaphor — small button for liquids, large button for solids — makes Sigma21 easy to use, even if you’ve never seen a flush plate before. Sigma21 is available in three different glass finishes and a unique slate finish, the first of its kind anywhere. Whichever you choose, Sigma21 upgrades the look of any bathroom.

Choose a custom overlay

Sigma21 flush plates are the latest Geberit flush plate series to offer a customizable overlay. With a customizable Sigma21, you can cut a personalized overlay to your client’s exact specifications. Turn the flush plate into a subtle accent or a striking conversation piece: the possibilities are limitless!

  • Made of durable die-cast zinc
  • Glass surfaces in three color options
  • Mustang slate option available
  • Customizable overlay available
  • Water-saving dual-flush built in
  • “Framless” design
  • Includes mounting frame and hardware