Infinity Drain: What to Consider When Specifying a Linear Drain

What to Consider When Specifying a Linear Drain

Linear drains have become top-of-mind, no matter what trade you’re in (architecture, design, remodeling, general contracting, or plumbing). With linear drains, it’s all about trying to achieve a sleek, open look for a client’s bathroom. Luckily, the process of specifying a linear drain can run just as smoothly as a traditional drain, providing you ask the right questions and plan ahead.


  • What will the layout of the shower be?
  • Will the shower be barrier-free or have a curb?
  • Which waterproofing technique will be used?
  • What is the total flowrate of the fixtures?
  • We’ll dive a bit deeper into these with the explanations below.
  • What is the layout of the shower?

The dimensions and layout of the shower enclosure will likely determine the length of the linear drain and where it will be placed. If the project is new construction, you’ll have some freedom with the layout. A remodel, on the other hand, could possibly have some existing site-specific conditions that might place limitations on what’s achievable. The good news is that no matter what the layout is, Site Sizable® linear drains can be cut-to-size, right on site, allowing for a perfect wall-to-wall installation, and the most efficient evacuation of water (i.e., no ‘pooling’ in the corners of the shower.) As a general rule-of-thumb, linear drains are located at either the back or side wall of where the fixtures are installed, or along the threshold or entrance.

Will the shower be barrier-free or have a curb?

There may be specific reasons why a client requests a barrier-free shower over one with a curb. One client who may have mobility issues, or is doing an ‘aging in place’ renovation, needs the freedom and ease to access their shower without any limitations. Or, another client might just want the shower to feel like an extension of the bathroom without any barrier at all. When trying to achieve a barrier-free shower, you could run into some issues – such as the floor height. Linear drains with a shallow channel or modern waterproofing techniques can help decrease overall floor height to achieve an easy, barrier-free installation. Furthermore, certain decorative styles or ultra-narrow widths are not advisable for barrier-free showers when placed along the threshold. Planning ahead, therefore, is the key factor to achieving a curb-less bathroom.

Which waterproofing technique will be used?

TRADITIONAL — Traditional waterproofing techniques are the most popular options in the United States. They utilize a clamping flange to connect to the waste line. The PVC shower pan liner or rubber liner is most common, followed by other more regional-specific techniques that include hot mop (which is only used in California), and lead or copper shower pans (which are found in the Northeast). Linear drains that work with traditional waterproofing are Site Sizable® and can either be cut in the field or as a fixed length linear drain.

MODERN — Tile setters tend to be big fans of modern waterproofing. There are two options to this technique: one uses a liquid membrane that dries into a hard surface, and the other uses a pliable fabric sheet. Whichever option is used, tile setters love the convenience of tiling directly on top of the surface, as this makes installation faster and easier. Modern waterproofing requires a linear drain channel with a flanged edge. This provides a surface for the liquid membrane (or fabric sheet waterproofing) to bond to the channel. The waterproofing then continues over the shower floor and up the walls. Flanged channel linear drains are available with either a vertical outlet or horizontal side outlet.

How to Elevate the Look of Your Bathroom with a Center Drain

These days, when designing your bathroom, every single detail matters. From the knobs on your vanity to the color of your grout – every decision you make, even a seemingly small one, goes towards the bigger picture: achieving that specific designer look that you’re going for.

When it comes to your shower, a shower drain is often one of those details that is overlooked – but it’s also one that can make a world of a difference. It’s an unsuspecting place to add a chic, designer touch that helps pull your entire look together. The good news is there are now center drain designs that can complement every home style out there. From modern and contemporary to eclectic and industrial, there is a shower drain that will make your bathroom feel completely designed from top to bottom.

Here, we list out five different design aesthetics, along with the center drain styles that complement each one perfectly.


If you’re going for a sleek, minimalist look, choose a drain that has simple straight lines.

It will add a statement to your shower, without taking away from the clean look.




With solid textiles, black and white features, and pops of gold or brass, you can achieve a timeless feel with your design. Add a hint of glamour with a sophisticated design in a decorative finish to liven up your shower and bring in a familiar pattern.




This style marries the timelessness of traditional design with the clean lines of contemporary.

A clean, criss-cross drain design will add a clean transitional detail to the center of the shower that complements this look seamlessly.




This style is the perfect mix of everything that you are. It can be a combination of the styles you love – from traditional, simple lines to elegant, dramatic pieces, along with romantic, intricate textiles. Choose a drain that is an artistic balance between modern-day chic and vintage classic.




The vibe of industrial designs has become a wildly popular trend. Cement features, exposed pipe, and glass partitions, create a functional, proletarian feel. Pairing this look with a drain that has a slight decorative edge will add some dimension to your more utilitarian surfaces.

These drains aren’t limited to the specific styles listed above– they can be mixed and matched to your hearts content. One thing we can guarantee, is that each design will leave your bathroom feeling 100-percent complete!


Each of the drains featured in this article are part of Infinity Drain’s brand new line of decorative center shower drains – each specifically designed to showcase its own allure to match your specific taste. They are available in a variety of popular finishes, including satin stainless, polished stainless, satin bronze, or oil rubbed bronze.

Discover which center drain is the best match for your style!

Learn more about our center drains and see how beautiful luxury can look. –

California Faucets Innovative Styletherm® Valve Enables Spa-like Experience While Meeting Stringent Water Conservation Codes

Accommodating three devices and capable of running two simultaneously, the new valve allows for a wide array of luxury shower combinations Faucets, manufacturer of artisan-crafted bath and kitchen fixtures, introduces the StyleTherm® TH52D2, a two-outlet valve that allows for installation of multiple showering devices while still meeting stringent conservation requirements. With the new valve, homeowners can create a myriad of shower configurations, such as a showerhead, handshower, and tub spout or two showerheads combined with a handshower, for the ultimate in showering freedom. The innovative new valve enables users to create a custom spa-like experience while saving water at the same time.

And because StyleTherm comes in a wide range of faceplates, from modern to traditional, users have the flexibility to create a look that speaks to their style preference along with their own personal showering experience. This is because the faceplates, available in Traditional Round, Contemporary Round, and Transitional Square designs, invite most any combination of looks. And with no visible screws they also ensure a clean, elegant result.

“Just like taste in food or fashion, the ideal showering experience varies from person to person,” says Noah Taft, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales for California Faucets. “With StyleTherm, homeowners have everything they need to configure a shower that looks as good on the outside as it works on the inside.”

The ½-inch thermostatic rough valve is made with forged brass and includes integral stops and check valves. Its quarter-turn ceramic disc volume-control cartridge is made with a thermoplastic polymer to prevent lime-scale buildup. Each non-shared outlet delivers 7.2 gpm at 60 psi. The single-volume control offers 10.5 gpm at 60 psi.


California Faucets Debuts Collection Of Tub Fillers To Complement All Styles Of Design

Now available in Wall-Mounted, Freestanding and Deck Mounted versions, available with a selection of handle styles and all 30+ artisan finishes – making for the largest collection of Tub Fillers on the market.

Four new models offer customizable companions to today’s popular freestanding bathtubs
California Faucets introduces four new tub filler series, offering increased options and flexibility for accessorizing today’s popular freestanding bathtubs. The largest collection of tub fillers in the industry, the new designs bring homeowners and designers alike a myriad of choices to personalize any style of bathroom project, from traditional to contemporary—and everything in between.

Each of the four new tub fillers is available in floor standing and deck-mounted models and offer the freedom to leave as-is or create dozens of design variations. Like California Faucets customizable faucets, the new tub filler designs allow the ability to mix and match any spout with any handle from another series, and choose from more than 30 finishes.

“Freestanding tubs are one of the top bathroom design trends today. By expanding our collection of tub fillers, we now offer designers the freedom and flexibility to complement virtually any taste,“ says Jeff Silverstein, President and CEO of California Faucets. “Whether they’re pairing it with a classic claw foot or a clean and modern tub style, designers can combine any of our tub fillers with any of our handle styles—in any available finish—for a truly personalized look,” Silverstein adds.

Following the popularity of the original Balboa 15 series, an antique-style faucet with cross handles and a classic “telephone” style hand shower, California Faucets expands their tub filler offerings to include the ultra contemporary Asilomar 11 Series and Bolsa 12 Series, plus the more traditional Palomar 13 Series and Hermosa 14 Series.

Both clean and modern, Asilomar and Bolsa tub fillers feature distinctively different spouts—Asilomar with its sleek curves, and Bolsa with its angular metro-inspired silhouette. On the more classic side, Palomar and Hermosa styles are similarly offered with arched and angled spout, respectively. But it is the vintage-inspired detailing, including accents of white enamel, which distinguishes these traditional designs.

List pricing for the Asilomar 11 Series and Bolsa 12 Series starts at $1,929 in standard Polished Chrome. The Palomar 13 Series and Hermosa 14 Series start at $1,979 in Polished Chrome. Other options are available from a selection of special finishes, such as Oil Rubbed Bronze, or a premium finish, such as 24K Satin Gold.

The new tub fillers were recently introduced with a whimsical, Pixar-style video—Tub Filler Fever. The video features each style of tub filler dancing to a different music genre, including disco, tap, hip hop, and ballet, to creatively illustrate their distinctively individual designs.



The ultra-thin, planar handle of the new Morro Bay™ Series single-hole lavatory faucet operates completely independently of the body
California Faucets has broken fresh ground with its new Morro Bay™ Series single-hole faucet. By radically thinning the design of the handle, its independent operation gives it the appearance of gently sailing above the faucet body. This groundbreaking ultra-thin planar “floating handle” design stands apart from typical single-hole faucets with handles that move along with a heavy, cumbersome hub.

Cubist and contemporary, Morro Bay’s streamlined design is stylishly square without the chunky look associated with most square single-hole faucets. A thin spout adds symmetry to the handle, creating geometric balance and fluidity, while accentuating the independent operation of the handle. The Zen in Morro Bay’s design lies in the width of the handle, which equals that of the spout beneath and provides a harmonious counterpoint to the cuboid faucet body.

“Because Morro Bay’s handle works as a free spirit, it gives the illusion of a thin, flat rectangle balancing atop the faucet body, like a fulcrum,” says Noah Taft, California Faucets Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales. Taft further explains the idea behind the innovative design features that make Morro Bay unique among single-hole faucets. “Zen-like in its simplicity, the design intentionally omits the extraneous. The resulting effect is both sleek and ethereal.”

Like all California Faucets bath fittings, the Morro Bay single-hole faucet is constructed of solid brass and available in 30-plus artisan finishes, including 15 PVD finishes with a lifetime guarantee against tarnishing.

The Morro Bay single-hole faucet is available in heights of 5-5/16” and 11-9/16” and ranges in price from $529 to $1,086, depending on the finish.


Kohler Real Rain™ Showerhead

Summon the Rain.

The sound of rain tells a story. Stand beneath it, listen and be mesmerized by the natural rhythm of Real Rain™as it splashes over you. Let gentle raindrops wash away yesterday’s worries, or summon a summer storm and lose yourself in it. Then step back, and admire the beauty of technology and ingenuity as they become one in the element, transforming the showering experience by making the ordinary – extraordinary.


Some designs take us by surprise, and by their sheer boldness or brilliance, they demand our attention. Real Rain is a showering system that mimics rainfall down to its infinitesimal drop. From the varying sizes of the raindrops to the angles and velocity at which they fall, the study of rain is broken down into a science. Designed with a water reservoir that relies on gravity to shape the individual raindrops, its unique nozzle geometry produces drops that build in speed and strength until the shower sounds, looks and feels like a summer rainstorm.


The finer elements of Real Rain begin to take shape as you select and personalize. Choose from trim finishes, panel colors and configurations. Then discover how you’re not only forward-thinking in personal taste–you’re also making a difference by conserving water


With the touch of a button, you can invite the sky to open and activate a deluge of water that pours over you for eight invigorating seconds. Designed to rinse away soap and shampoo, this setting turns a gentle rain shower into a drenching cloudburst of water that’s nothing short of exhilarating.

[button link=”” color=”darkgray” size=”large” stretch=”” type=”flat” shape=”square” target=”_blank” title=”” gradient_colors=”|” gradient_hover_colors=”|” accent_color=”” accent_hover_color=”” bevel_color=”” border_width=”1px” icon=”” icon_divider=”yes” icon_position=”left” modal=”” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″ animation_offset=”” alignment=”left” class=”” id=””]Learn More at[/button]

Kohler Iron Plains® Bathroom Sinks

Iron Plains® Bathroom Sinks


With its gently curved, organic shape, the Iron Plains sink combines distinctive style with the extreme durability, strength, and vintage soul of KOHLER enameled cast iron.


The Iron Plains family offers many sinks with dual-mount installations -drop-in or under-mount -as well as many vessel options –making this sink a flexible choice for a wide range of bathroom configurations.


Three new designs have recently been added to the portfolio –round, large rectangle, and capsule. All three configurations have vessel or dual-mount installation types.

The vessels will be available in up to 14 finish combinations of enamel on the top side of the bathroom sink, and paint underneath. Most dual-mount options are available in 10 enamel finishes.
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Franke – The Chef Center and Pescara

A space where it all comes together

The Chef Center gives you the power of a beautifully designed sink system. Cooks – professionals and amateurs alike – need seamlessly flowing workspaces. The Chef Center allows you to transition easily and instantaneously from prep to rinse to clean to compost, all with ergonomic efficiency and style. With Franke’s integrated sink ledge and integrated bins for storage and compost, the Chef Center makes fun and functionality go hand-in-hand. And everything is right at hand: a glass cutting board, removable compost bin, roller mat, drain board, colander, and a sink grid that rests on the sink ledge to raise your work surface or sits on the bottom of the sink to protect it from scratches.


Artisanal Craftsmanship

Inspired by the simplicity and style of Italian seaside resorts, the Pescara Collection delivers true flexibility and flow: Sink spaces become more expansive, water becomes more useful, and kitchens become more wonderful. Pescara faucets feature a level of functionality and performance that maximizes usability for the home chef or kitchen connoisseur. The clean design and detailed craftsmanship make Franke’s Pescara faucet line ideal for those who savor simplicity. The essential lines and generous dimensions of the Pescara sinks create a refined oasis and luxurious atmosphere for the ultimate livable kitchen while a complete selection of unique, custom accessories maximizes the efficiency of each sink.

Quickdrain Shower Drain Systems

About QuickDrain

Since 2006, QuickDrain has been a woman-owned business, built on the belief that people can achieve great things.
Our promise is to provide continuous innovation, uncompromising quality, and to deliver linear drain systems that combine form, function, style, and affordability into one easy-to-install product. Today, you’ll find our linear drain solutions in hotels, metropolitan hospitals, and homes across the globe.

Headquartered in Denver, CO, QuickDrain is proud to bemade in the USA. All QuickDrain products are designed and manufactured to meet all Uniform
Plumbing Code and International Plumbing Code standards.

Our technical support is second to none with on-site instruction and support. We also help by providing early design drawings of your projects to help you get started on the right path.

QuickDrain has a solution for any size shower, they have 12 stocked sizes in the Proline curbless linear stainless drain series with an option for custom drains up to 100”. Quickdrain also has it’s new line of drains called the ShowerLine Series in PVC  which we have six stocked sizes that can handle the same size openings as the 12 stainless drains do by using our patented “trough extensions”.

Quickdrain’s QTS78 sheet membrane waterproofing installed with the ShowerLine curbless linear drain makes for a easy to install shower pan system and allows flexibility on the installation with having on-site adjustability and more.

All our drain systems can be installed the way the contractor wants to by using liquid waterproofing, Hot Mop, lead pan, PVC vinyl liner, rubber liner, Chloraloy, copper pan and fiberglass materials, which gives the contractor more flexibility on installation.

All Quickdrain shower drain systems comes with it’s patented “Sure Flow System Guarantee” which means no water gets left behind.

With the use of our patented “tough extensions” you can choose a smaller drain that will work in a larger opening which adds more adjustability and flexibility on the job site. Making Quickdrain curbless shower systems easy to install.

Quickdrain has also added the NEW WALL DRAIN system and RETROFIT drain system to the product line, please check out the links below for more information on these two new systems.


The RETROFIT Drain system

Vitality Robern & Curated Cartesian Collection


Whether you’re primping, prepping, styling, or shaving, the perfect task lighting makes all the difference. The Vitality Lighted Mirror Collection combines optimal brightness, accurate color, and remarkable clarity, so you can start your day in a better light.

Kelvin: 2700K | 4000K
CRI: 90+
Lumens1: 746 – 1488
Lux1 2: 275 – 690
R9 Value1: 50+
Foot-candles1 2: 26 – 64


Defogging technology ensures a clear reflection, so a steamy shower won’t slow down your mornings.

The right light is achieved by a combination of high lumen output and proper placement in relation to the face and body. Robern lighted mirrors have been carefully designed to enable you to see yourself in the best light by eliminating dark shadows, experience bright even task lighting, see rich, saturated tone in your reflection and be confident that lighting stays consistent, even for close-up tasks.

Curated Cartesian Collection

Take the guesswork out of vanity design. Robern’s Curated Cartesian vanity collection streamlines the decision-making process with a handpicked selection of vanities to ensure a flawless fit that complements any design. Simply choose from three popular sizes, three stunning color combinations, and an optional night light to create a personalized vanity that transforms the everyday routine.

In-Drawer Electrical Outlet

Convenient 110-volt in-drawer electrical outlet supplies power to items such as electric razors, hair dryers, and curling irons. This accessory features three plugs and a switch that turns off power to the entire unit to allow appliances to be left safely plugged in. To be used in the 15″ plumbing or full drawer.

Integrated Night Lights
The nightlight provides a soft light that illuminates the drawer interiors to help locate items and provides wayfinding light in the middle of the night. A nightlight accessory is available to add a night light to your drawers as desired. One outlet will accommodate two-night lights and are required for installation.

White Glass Bottom Drawers
This shatterproof bottom will not degrade or show wear. With the glass and aluminum construction of the drawers, when done with a hair dryer or curling iron, put directly into the drawer and know it will not burn or leave heat marks.

Mountain Plumbing Products’

Mountain Plumbing Products’ water chiller is the answer for cold water on demand. The MT670-2 Mountain Chill Water Chiller is in stock for the hot months ahead.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have ice cold water anytime you want without having to wait for it to cool down?

An instantly perfect cup of lemonade or ice tea made with the Mountain Chill Water Chiller is the refreshing way to cool down on a hot summer day. Mountain Chill hides cleanly and simply beneath the sink and provides 1.5 gallons (per hour) of crisp, cool water from your own faucet.
Having the Mountain Chill Water Chiller in your home is the ultimate in convenience. When paired with the Mountain Pure Filtration System, cold, clean and pure water can be yours to enjoy anytime day or night.

The MT670-2 Features:

  • Cools your water to between 39deg F to 50deg F
  • Large ½ gallon stainless steel tank
  • 1.5 gallons per hour
  • Lead Free
  • 3-year compressor warranty
  • Adaptor allows for connection to either 3/8” or ¼” tubing
  • L 16” x H 10 3/16” x W 11.25”

Mountain Plumbing’s dedication to customer service is unparalleled in the kitchen and bath industry.  Mountain is setting the standard for service and support through their dedicated customer service team that is accessible and responsive to your needs. In addition to these offerings, Mountain Plumbing offers Same Day Shipping and has No Minimum Order requirements. The hallmark of Mountain Plumbing’s success: combining quality and innovation making high-performance water appliances better by design. The hallmark of Mountain Plumbing’s success: combining quality with innovative products that add beauty and value to your home. To learn more about Mountain Plumbing, visit the all new website:


The E-mini Thermostatic Valve

The E-mini Thermostatic Valve – yet another in a series of innovative shower valve solutions pioneered by Sigma.

  • Flow delivery comfortably exceeds that of a pressure balance valve while providing all of the benefits of a thermostatic at a very attractive
  • Decorative trim is compact and clean while mix and match handle options provide for a “design-your-own” custom faucet that complements most any design theme.
  • Unique “free-ride” system eliminates need for buttons and knobs found in traditional override systems.


The ½ inch E-mini thermostatic complements our current shower valve offer which ranges from a ½ in. pressure balancing valve to a high capacity 1 in.


InSinkerator: Melea™ Beverage Faucet

Melea beverage faucet combines convenience with a blend of modern and traditional aesthetic for a stately look that high-style homeowners will love.

Features & Benefits

  • Constructed of high-quality, low-lead brass
  • Dispenses near-boiling and/or cool filtered water
  • We Come To You® 5-year In-Home
  • Limited Warranty
  • Tank and filtration system (sold separately)
  • Spout swivels 360-degrees
  • Available in hot only, cool only and hot and cool