Eternity™ Lighted Mirror

By uniting a romantic shape with a stunning circle of brilliant white light, Electric Mirror created an Eternity™ that encapsulates a clear vision of renewal and balance, boldly illuminating your space with timeless elegance. The Eternity™ Lighted Mirror is available in an oval or round, and you may also add the Ava™ upgrade which provides you the ability to change the LED light color and brightness level to your desire, in addition to a night light setting.


Integrity™ Lighted Mirror

Add glimmering light and tasteful grace to any space with a powerful impression Integrity™ from Electric Mirror. The Integrity™ Lighted Mirror features a smooth polished edge and brilliant inner frame of frosted light, making this radiant marvel as stylish as it is functional. Add a 15” TV to the Integrity™ lighted mirror so you’ll be able to better prepare for the day with timely morning weather and traffic reports. Or add the Ava™ upgrade for a capacity touch experience, taking task lighting to beautiful new level, letting you change the LED light color and brightness level to make precise makeup application.


JULIEN SocialCorner Collection

Designed by kitchen and bath designer Matthew Quinn, the SocialCorner sink brings people together thanks to its corner installation on the kitchen island.  It creates two distinct work areas and maximises available work space.


JULIEN Fira Collection

The new Fira collection embodies the very essence of Home Refinements by Julien: exclusive design and masterful craftsmanship.

The Fira sinks push the limit of this ancestral manufacturing process by achieving remarkable precision, giving you the only fireclay sink that turns into a workstation. Complemented with a wide range of accessories, the sinks with ledge give way to endless combinations of useful tools.Their versatility does not end there; with a reversible apron front, flat or Shaker style, the Fira kitchen sinks will surely complement any décor, from contemporary to transitional.

Versatile design

With the Fira kitchen sinks, changing style is always an option since two apron front designs are available on the same product. On one side, a flat apron for a clean look that blends easily. On the other side, a Shaker style apron with 2″ wide frame, a timeless classic.

Timeless quality

Only the finest materials are selected and carefully mixed to produce the Fira sinks. The rigorous process which each sink undergoes ensures its dimensional stability and a perfectly smooth, non-porous finish. The firing process not only makes the surface impervious to dirt, it also fuses the materials together leading to higher impact and scratch resistance. For increased protection, make sure to add a bottom grid. Its tightly spaced stainless steel rods prevent cutlery from passing through. Moreover, its feet which also act as bumpers prevent any contact with the sink bottom and inside walls.

Plenty of space

Inspired by the J7 stainless steel sink collection, the Fira sinks have tight internal radii that enhance their contemporary esthetics while also making them easy to clean. Thin walls, tight radii and 10″ deep bowl, are all characteristics that have been thoughtfully incorporated into the Fira sinks to maximize your work space.