Pembroke by Victoria + Albert

Pembroke is a new transitional collection comprising of a freestanding tub and a drop in/undermount basin, Pembroke 52. It has been designed by Italian designers Meneghello Paolelli Associati and the idea was to reimagine the tradition of Tudor era design in a modern and soft way. Named after the birthplace of England’s first Tudor king, the Pembroke evokes a regal elegance, accented by crisp corners and a neat rim.

The bathtub is designed with a clever blend of straight, crisp lines and curves; the shape lightens towards the base as it assumes a pleasing roundness. Deep and dual ended, the bathtub provides a luxurious soaking experience for one or two people. The bathtub is available in seven exterior finishes: English cast white, matte white, gloss black, matte black, anthracite, light gray and stone gray.

Soriano by Victoria + Albert

Victoria + Albert is pleased to unveil a stunning new line of stainless steel faucets known as Soriano. This contemporary collection of Italian-made fixtures is the result of another successful collaboration with Milan-based design studio Meneghello Paolelli Associati.

Their singular inspiration for Soriano came from the Boolean world of coding logic, which is reflected in the “1s” and “0s” that are the essence of each faucet. The finished look is brilliant in its simplicity, with the spout, lever and base of each piece defined by one shape, creating a sleek silhouette that is a decidedly modern addition to any luxurious bathroom.

The Soriano Collection is notable for its exceptional craftsmanship as well as its good looks. Made from stainless steel construction throughout, the faucets are beautifully finished in a brushed stainless steel as well. This new finish option from Victoria + Albert delivers impressive durability and is easy to maintain. “We aimed to create a clean, sharp and elegant collection. We see these values as inner elements of the Stainless steel itself. We tried to work with this material by giving expression and supporting these characteristics, without forcing its nature. Geometry, intersection and Boolean are the key words of Soriano”– Meneghello Paolelli Associati.

Victoria + Albert makes it easy to create a cohesive bathroom space by offering four different Soriano configurations, all designed to perfectly complement its own line of sinks, tubs and vanities. The Soriano 9 is a three-hole basin mixer with adjustable aerator that brings a gleaming sophistication to the sink area. The Soriano 14 is a natural fit for freestanding tubs with its floor-mounted design and handheld shower attachment. Featuring a “monoblock” design, the Soriano 16 is a deck-mounted basin mixer with a single handle, closely echoing the Soriano 19 with its lower level design profile. Both bring a stylish flair to the bathroom with their bold lines and graceful curves.

The Soriano collection also comprises a concealed shower collection, a new configuration for Victoria + Albert for 2018. The concealed collection allows the consumer to mix and match with different components to find the perfect combination for their bathroom. Start with the Hub 01 concealed valve, which is thermostatically controlled for safety. This two-way hub is compatible with the diverter control (Soriano 31), which allows the installer to choose between two water outlets from a bath spout (Soriano 43), handheld shower (Soriano 42) and shower rose (Soriano 41). Concealed shower applications are notable for their clean, minimal aesthetic, a look commonly seen in luxurious hotels.

Candella New Washstand Collection – Victoria + Albert

Victoria + Albert is pleased to unveil a new category of washstand that is notable for its beautiful brass construction, gleaming Polished Chrome finish and ENGLISHCAST® basin top. With an open design and minimalist lines, the collection was created in collaboration with Italian designers Meneghello Paolelli Associati, known for their take on refining classic designs so pieces will work equally well in modern or traditional environments.

The Candella washstands are typified by the design of the legs, which feature elegantly shaped details. A towel bar and a storage shelf in toughened glass are practical yet well designed, lending a sense of hotel style to the bathroom. The Candella is available in two sizes; Candella 114 (45-1/8” W), which is topped with a sleek Mandello 114 Solo basin, or the Candella 100 (39-3/8” W), topped with a Victorian-inspired Lario 100 Solo basin.

The Metallo washstands are timeless design classics, with right angle tee joints that reference traditional bathroom pipework, looking equally at home in a more historic period bathroom or industrial-inspired scheme. Each washstand features a practical towel bar and a shelf for storage, finished in a tubular brass. The Metallo is available in two sizes; Metallo 114 (45-1/8” W), which is topped with a sleek Mandello 114 Solo basin, or the Metallo 100 (39-3/8” W), topped with a Victorian-inspired Lario 100 Solo basin.

The washstands are available with 0, 1 or 3 faucet holes so the designer or homeowner can choose faucets that best suits the bathroom’s design. The generous width of the basin tops means that there’s ample room for toiletries on the surface of the washstand, in addition to the storage shelf beneath. Each washstand also features an adjustable screw on the two legs for perfect levelling.

“We are proud to have developed a range of products that work in a wide range of contexts. Perfectly balanced between past and present, tradition and innovation, reinterpretation and modernity, the Candella and Metallo washstands represent a combination of classic shapes and contemporary design.” – Meneghello Paolelli Associati, 2018.

With their and chic silhouettes, Candella and Metallo are destined to be favorites among Victoria + Albert’s collection of bathroom furnishings. Learn more about these exceptional designs at