Watermark Designs Introduces Ergonomic Kitchen Faucet Collection

TOD 333

Watermark Designs never rests on its laurels, and the brand’s newest kitchen collection is another example of Watermark’s engineering prowess and willingness to re-invent and re-think faucet design. TOD is a kitchen faucet that incorporates linear valve technology into the handles to provide what is really the perfect solution for those home chefs and cooks working in kitchens.

“For a long time we have been thinking about how we could re-imagine the kitchen faucet,” said Avi Abel, president of Watermark Designs. “Traditionally, kitchen faucets are practical as far design, but not really decorative and we wanted to change that. So we designed the collection to have a slight industrial look and feel, and we completely re-imagined how the handles should function. Being able to turn the water off and on with the flick of your closed hand, rather than grasping handles makes it that much more of a professional-grade faucet, as well as being ADA compliant. That’s why linear valve technology is key.”

Along with the linear valve technology, TOD is designed with a number of extremely precise details:

  • Diamond Knurling on the base of each piece – and they line up exactly
  • Low profile/escutcheon but ‘beefy’ 1 1/4 diameter — making it a focal point
  • Diamond Knurling is incorporated into the accessories (paper towel holder, etc)
  • Available with two spout options – the ‘classic’ spout which is available in all 40 finishes and a pull-out spout available in 13 finishes
  • Two types of handles – single lever (joystick) and widespread

Watermark Designs Elements


Watermark Designs, the Brooklyn-based designers and manufacturers of plumbing fixtures and faucets, is once again redefining what custom faucetry means. If customization has become the hallmark of great design, Watermark Designs wants the industry to know that they’ve been making custom offerings standard for almost as long as they’ve been manufacturing in their factory in Brooklyn. Watermark’s new Elements collection is ratcheting up how faucet choices are determined – not by the manufacturer, but instead by the consumer. With innumerable combinations, Watermark introduces Elements.

“We’ve always considered our collections bespoke: customization is a hallmark of Watermark Designs,” says Avi Abel, president of Watermark. “As a smaller manufacturer, we are able to offer customers options, finishes and designs that you just cannot get in mass-produced factories. Our Elements collection is the continued evolution of how far we can go with custom designs. The materials, the finishes, the styling and even a website are all dedicated to the pursuit of tailored design.”

Elements with a variety of handle options.

The Elements collection is comprised of: Fourteen handle styles, which are called Covers and which were designed by the Watermark Designs Studio, are grouped into four material categories: Raw, Rock, Lumber and Forged.

Watermark Designs’ Brooklyn Faucet Collection Celebrates 10 Years of Design


Watermark Designs, the Brooklyn-based designers and manufacturers of faucets and fixtures for both residential and commercial projects, is kicking off a year-long celebration in honor of one of their most popular and brand-defining products: the Brooklyn faucet collection.

When Avi Abel met with Drew Stuart and Adam Rolston of Incorporated Architecture & Design (Inc.) about a project in New York, they weren’t fully aware of the significance that their collaborative design and resulting collection would ultimately have. As the faucet celebrates its 10th year, it has become symbolic of everything that Watermark Designs represents; designed and manufactured entirely in Brooklyn, there was never a doubt as to what the collection would be named: Brooklyn – the original.

Inspired by mid-century gate valves and the garden hoses used throughout New York City, the Brooklyn collection remains the finest example of Watermark Designs’ uncanny ability to manufacture industrial artifacts that emulate the artisanal borough from which they hail. Emblematic of its namesake city, the faucet was part of a display in the “Made in New York” installation at the Museum of the City of New York’s South Street Seaport Museum. Installed in thousands of residences and hotels worldwide, the Brooklyn collection radiates a distinct, historical style treasured by urban loyalists.

While there might be many Brooklyn look-alikes, Watermark Designs is the original designer and creator of the product. In July 2017, Watermark Designs became a member of Be Original Americas, a non-profit organization committed to informing, educating and influencing manufacturers, design professionals and individuals on the economic, ethical and environmental value of authentic design while preserving and investing in its future. Members are approved by a membership committee that reviews each applicant’s product designs and manufacturing history.

Be Original Americas understands that the value of authenticity cannot be underestimated or taken for granted in the marketplace.

“We’ve seen many of our designs ‘reworked’ and produced by larger manufacturers over the years, so aligning ourselves with an organization like Be Original Americas is important. It’s tremendously helpful to have them helping educate people about the value of authentic design, no matter the industry or product type,” said Avi Abel, president of Watermark Designs.

The Brooklyn faucet comes in a variety of finishes

As Brooklyn turns 10, Avi Abel decided to honor the faucet by teaming up with Watering Minds, an organization whose sole mission is to provide clean drinking water to children in Haiti. Throughout 2018, Watermark Designs will be donating a portion of Brooklyn collection proceeds to this important charity.

The celebration of the Brooklyn’s 10-year reign as an innovative and quintessentially New York product is coupled with Watermark Designs’ commitment to design authenticity and charitable giving. Their partnerships with Be Original Americas and Watering Minds position them as faucet forerunners and human rights conscious manufacturers as their characteristic collection hits the decade mark.