Watermark’s New Elements Collection

WatermarkWatermark’s new Elements collection is ratcheting up how faucet choices are determined – not by the manufacturer, but instead by the consumer. The Elements collection is comprised of fourteen handle styles, which are called Covers, are grouped into four material categories: Raw, Rock, Lumber and Forged. Each Cover has a base, which is made of brass and available in any of Watermark’s 24 finishes. Along with the base, there are two options for Inserts, which are decorative and help provide additional grip. The Inserts are available in two styles: Bridge style and Scallop style. These Inserts are also available in any of Watermark’s 24 finishes. The Inserts are snapped into place and held using Watermark’s patent pending rare earth magnets.

The collection has several faucet Body choices – also available in 24 finishes. With the many options available for Elements, the design team – a collaboration with Watermark Designs’ UK partner, The Watermark-Collection, and Watermark Designs – developed a website exclusively for Elements. The site will act as a tool to help people design their individual Element collection. Once designed, they can purchase their unique design from a local showroom. You can experience the website here: www.watermark-designs.com/configurator

Julien Smartstation: Functional in Every Way

JulienThe sink is built from commercial quality 16 gauge stainless steel and features an attractive combination of our two most popular collections radii : the ver­tical square corners [0°] of our UrbanEdge collection and the slightly rounded corners [7mm] of our J7 collection for bottom front and back folds.  The SmartStation sink has a ½’’ accessory ledge on front and back of the bowl that can accommo­date any standard 17’’ Home Refinements accessory.

As the sink is intended to be undermounted, any 18’’ Home Refinements accessories can be used directly on the countertop.  Overall, a choice of about 30 accessories can slide from side to side of the bowl on the two levels, which can really ease food preparation and cleaning.  The sink comes with a bottom grid, a colander, a cutting board and a drying rack included.   People can also choose their favorite wood essence for the accessories’ handles as we offer them in maple and walnut.


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Victoria + Albert: Trend – Seamless Space

Victoria + AlbertThis month we look to outdoor bathing for inspiration, and the art of blending an indoor and outdoor space to create a multi-purpose bathroom. This can be a wonderful way to play with space, colour and materials, and create something truly unique in the home.

This Australian bathroom has an urban feel to it, but the homeowners clearly have a connection with the outdoors. Large glass panes fill the bathroom with natural light, through which the eye is drawn to an intimate terrace where the Marlborough bath takes centre stage – giving the option to open the doors and bathe outside on a warm evening. The terrace floor tiles match those of the interior of the bathroom, creating a seamless flow between the two spaces. Likewise, striking emerald green wall tiles make a statement and contrast beautifully with the white bathtub.

This look is all about finding ways to give the impression of more space. Choose a practical tile that can line both interior and exterior walls and floors, to give the illusion of a never-ending room. Metallic accessories will lend a stylish, industrial feel to the space, whilst natural materials such as wood, stone and marble can be used both indoors and out.

V+A Trend | Seamless Space2

Project by Technē Architecture + Interior Design.

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