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Dual-flush Plates For Sigma Series In-wall Toilet Systems

A simple classic Sigma21 flush plates are based on the look of our popular Sigma20 Series, with upgraded finishes and options. A straightforward visual metaphor -- small button for liquids, large button for solids -- makes Sigma21 easy to use, even if you've never seen a flush plate before. Sigma21 [...]

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SANTEC Faucets

Since 1992, SANTEC Faucet has been designing and manufacturing products that stir the imagination and bring life to your bathroom dreams. Their collections embrace design themes ranging from traditional to transitional to contemporary. Incorporating Equa measures of Art and Technology, Santec is dedicated to creating product that meets the highest [...]

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Duravit’s Xsquare Embodies Modern Elegance & Innovative Design

The XSquare bathroom range impresses with its striking, sleek design and chic chrome profile Duravit's XSquare collection is a bathroom furniture range specifically attuned to the modern, architectural design aesthetic. Designed by frequent Duravit collaborator Kurt Merki Jr., the eye-catching XSquare stands apart thanks to its strikingly angular chrome profile, [...]

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Microbubbles Hydrotherapy

MTI is a recognized leader when it comes to the technology of modern hydrotherapy, offering several distinct types of hydrotherapy experience. Each is unique; each is thoroughly therapeutic. New for 2018, Microbubbles is the latest Sensory Therapy for Wellness and Beauty by MTI Baths. Microbubbles innovative technology supersaturates the water [...]

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MTI Incline Counter – Sink

MTI Counter-Sinks and Vanity Sinks are elegant in their simplicity and will integrate seamlessly with a broad spectrum of bathroom environments. And all are handcrafted in the USA. The new Incline Counter Sink features a bottom that is severely sloped from the front to the back of the sink, with [...]

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Introducing Mineral Composite Tubs

MTI’s mineral composite material is made of natural minerals mined locally in Georgia from a large natural granite and marble resource, bound together by a high-grade casting resin. The Finish The smooth, white glossy finish is provided by a high-performance polyresin coating specially formulated for MTI with superior characteristics. Each [...]

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