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Duravit’s Xsquare Embodies Modern Elegance & Innovative Design

The XSquare bathroom range impresses with its striking, sleek design and chic chrome profile Duravit's XSquare collection is a bathroom furniture range specifically attuned to the modern, architectural design aesthetic. Designed by frequent Duravit collaborator Kurt Merki Jr., the eye-catching XSquare stands apart thanks to its strikingly angular chrome profile, [...]

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Microbubbles Hydrotherapy

MTI is a recognized leader when it comes to the technology of modern hydrotherapy, offering several distinct types of hydrotherapy experience. Each is unique; each is thoroughly therapeutic. New for 2018, Microbubbles is the latest Sensory Therapy for Wellness and Beauty by MTI Baths. Microbubbles innovative technology supersaturates the water [...]

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MTI Incline Counter – Sink

MTI Counter-Sinks and Vanity Sinks are elegant in their simplicity and will integrate seamlessly with a broad spectrum of bathroom environments. And all are handcrafted in the USA. The new Incline Counter Sink features a bottom that is severely sloped from the front to the back of the sink, with [...]

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Introducing Mineral Composite Tubs

MTI’s mineral composite material is made of natural minerals mined locally in Georgia from a large natural granite and marble resource, bound together by a high-grade casting resin. The Finish The smooth, white glossy finish is provided by a high-performance polyresin coating specially formulated for MTI with superior characteristics. Each [...]

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Eternity™ Lighted Mirror

By uniting a romantic shape with a stunning circle of brilliant white light, Electric Mirror created an Eternity™ that encapsulates a clear vision of renewal and balance, boldly illuminating your space with timeless elegance. The Eternity™ Lighted Mirror is available in an oval or round, and you may also add [...]

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Integrity™ Lighted Mirror

Add glimmering light and tasteful grace to any space with a powerful impression Integrity™ from Electric Mirror. The Integrity™ Lighted Mirror features a smooth polished edge and brilliant inner frame of frosted light, making this radiant marvel as stylish as it is functional. Add a 15” TV to the Integrity™ [...]

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